Bovey Management Testimonials

What our clients say

Bovey Management is committed to rewarding clients with high quality outcomes. Client satisfaction averages above 95 percent.

This wordcloud was generated using R Natural Language Processing and illustrates the frequency of words used by clients to describe Bovey Management’s performance (Dataset: Bovey Managment client testimonials).

Client Sentiment

Words used in our client testimonials: Excellent, professional, outcome, information, recommend, etc.

A sample of client feedback follows.

I have worked with Dr Wayne Bovey on many occasions. One of the reasons that I engage Wayne is the consistency and reliability of the performance as well as the expertise in the areas he consults in. The work Wayne completed was first class. Bovey Management continues to meet my high expectations. (Ref: AC)

I am very pleased with the service that Wayne provides. Information provided is very relevant and useful, the communication flow of progress is excellent. Once again an excellent assignment. (Ref: RH)

Wayne knows his stuff. He is professional, timely and attentive. Wayne does all the difficult grunt work and provides me with valuable information. Thanks again Wayne for another successful project. (Ref: SE)

Thank you again for another excellent piece of work. (Ref: SOB)

Organised and efficient, great communicator, effective process and outcome, excellent. (Ref: NC)

Wayne is always keen to deliver the best outcome for me, the customer, and strives to achieve the best outcome in a short time space. (Ref: SE)

Genuinely interested, available, reliable, efficient, experienced and adaptable. The end result very good. Well done. (Ref: RF)

Self directed, detail focussed, comprehensive, clear communication. Wayne conducts himself professionally and diligently. His work is of a high standard and I would not hesitate to recommend him. (Ref: JW)

Responsive to our needs. High knowledge level demonstrated for project. Managed the group very well. Regular meetings to discuss progress. Wayne ‘project managed’ the assignment. (Ref: IN)

Wayne was professional and had an excellent commitment to his work. (Ref: GK)

Holistic in approach. Very credible through appropriate research tools. Very professional and supportive of organisation culture. (Ref: GL)

Always available if we needed clarification on any issues. Able to explain clearly and concisely what was required from us (executives). Very easy to get on with even when the other executives can be unruly! (Ref: HS)

Wayne certainly did not have an easy task to perform. Excellent skills and competency – everything was explained, everything was made simple. Wayne performed a wonderful service. (Ref: DW)

Could not fault service. Maintained regular contact and kept me well informed of progress. Great people skills. Provided us with the information desired. Reports easy to read and understand. Very satisfied. (Ref: GE)

Clear methodology, prompt, knows the subject well. Has strong research/conceptual skills. (Ref: CG)

Very timely, kept the ball rolling – did not get frustrated with project delays outside his control. Highly organised. Method of conducting project excellent – short and sharp. Very good result. Subject knowledge excellent, not just a process but a learning experience. Wayne has a very friendly and supportive disposition. (Ref: PT)

Information in the report was well analysed and conveyed. The project met our needs and I would recommend Wayne to other organisations. (Ref: LLG)

This is the second time we have engaged Bovey Management. On both occasions the service has been excellent. (Ref: CW)

Very knowledgeable. Wayne was well received by staff at all levels – very positive feedback. Explained things in a simple way and was easy to follow and understand. Very pleased with the outcome – very satisfied. (Ref: SP)

Wayne responded quickly. Highly professional. Clear in his articulation of process and objectives. Communicates clearly, professional presentation. Overall the performance was excellent. He took the time to elicit one’s needs and to respond to them. (Ref: AMB)

Wayne was very responsive and eager. Able to explain in easy to understand language the reasons behind an issue. Able to communicate well with staff at all levels and able to gain the confidence of our staff. Always made sure the client was happy with resolution of any issues. Very satisfied with the results and highly recommend Bovey Management. (Ref: RS)

From a coaching client:

I found Wayne’s approach to coaching to be supportive yet challenging in a manner that really moved me forward. I was really surprised at how much I got out of these sessions – although I had expectations that the process would be useful – the actual program/sessions were above my expectation. Thank you Wayne. (Ref: KA)