Bovey Management Achievements

Record of achievements

Over the past 25 years Bovey Management has built a successful track record of achievements. Some examples follow.


Strategic Planning and Customer Satisfaction

Formulated annual strategic corporate and business unit plans. Developed a system to measure, monitor and track service quality and customer satisfaction.

queensland health

Organisational Restructure and Job Redesign

Systematically analysed structural options to derive an organisational design of best fit and redesigned job roles and Position Descriptions to match.


Integrated Management Systems

Designed, developed, implemented and audited an integrated quality and OHS management system for Australian operations and achieved third party certification.


Integrated Management Systems

Researched and developed a framework for a new global integrated quality, OHS and environmental management system.

Queensland Parliament

Organisational Review

Investigated and analysed operations. Developed recommendations to enhance operational performance.


Business Process Improvement Review

Designed, conducted and reported the findings of a process improvement review improving operational efficiency and organisational performance.

Moreton bay regional council

Workforce Planning and Staff Job Satisfaction

Conducted an investigation to measure and quantify the gap between service demand and human resource supply. Designed, implemented and reported the findings of a custom designed staff job satisfaction survey.


Workplace Investigation and Review

Identified issues impacting on staff job satisfaction and developed foundations for collaborative relationships across multidisciplinary teams.


Financial Forecasting and Modelling

Constructed financial models (incorporating sensitivity variables for scenario planning) determining the financial viability and sustainability of major capital investments.


Executive Coaching

Supported directors and senior executives by providing customised executive coaching services.